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All my handicraft is of own design.



• sculpture

• oil-aquarell,acrylic painting


• From silver,iron,titan and bronce.

• I make the produkt out of your sketch and idea.

• I also repair old silver jevellery.


• Traditonal:Candelabras,lightsbowls,fruitsbowls,etc.
• Repair old pieces,gates,tools,lamps etc.
Artwork: for gardens,official sculptures,also after your sketches
• (often mixes materials, as stone,with iron and wood.Smithen kniveblades for knife makers.)


• MR double (own design 1997),the hunter`s favourite.Specialised knives for hunting,carpenting,fishing,etc.
Courses/ Education

I have several years experience of education in metal 


For more information about prices contact Martti


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