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1989 I was one of the founders of Angered art society.

1991 I had my first exhibition with painting and sculpture at
Gunnaredsgård in Angered,Sweden.

1991-95 prakticipated with serval other artist`s in exhibitions at...

1996 made my first knife...

1997 was one of the founders of Knivmakare i väst (Knifemakers in West)who every sommer arranges knife exhibition in Gothenburg were I participate with knifes,silver and iron. 

Until this day I`ve made over 300 knives- all unic.

1998 was one of the founders of Lövgärdetsslöjd,were I have held courses in the art of making knifes.
1999-2005 Kauhava international Knife  exhibition,Kauhava, Finland.

2000 Went to further educktin in art af knife smithing,Denmark. 

2000- Started traditional blacksmith school in Smedja Volund,in Terra nova,with Eastindia Gothenburg III, in Gotheborg, Sweden

2002-2006 Exhibition at Kimo (Blacksmithing days),Finland.

2004- Held courses in blacksmithing at Vuxenskolan i Göteborg.

2004 Received apprenticeship certificate  in Art metall worker ,official in Ale

2004 Received the price of Art/cultur in Angered.

2004 Opening my business MR Konst & Smide.

2005 Diploma in coachning and leadership.

2006 My first exhibition"Konst & Smide"in gallery with
my metall art,Jönköping.

2006  Exhibition"Art & Smith" at NEO,Gothenburg,Sweden.

2006 Exhibition at  Kulturhuset  Blåstället,Angered.

2006-2008 Summer Handigraft exhipition in  Båstad,Sweden

2007 ART-Exhibition,Surte glassfactory museum,Surte,Sweden

2007 International Metall Exhibition Art smith & Skulptures ,Ulft /Nederlands.2008 Art exhibition Altorps School ,Herrljunga ,Sweden.
2008 Artexhibition in Goteborg Kex Fabrik,Kungälv,Sweden.

2008 "Liv i järn"(Life in Iron) Artsmithing Exhibition,Gallery Nyttokonst,Uddevalla,Sweden.                                                   

2008 "Vår rundan"and  Art exhibition at Hällekis.Götene.Sweden.

2008  Art exhibition(with other artist)in Art-Garage,Gårdsten,Angered,Sweden.

2008 "EISENART"International Metal Art Exhibition,Friesoythe,Germany.

2008 "Antracit" Artmetall(certificate) Work exhibition,Granbergsdal,Sweden.

2008 Art & Handigraft Exhibition (with other artists)"Handigraft week in Partille Castle",Partille,Sweden.

2009 Art & Handigraft Exhibition (with other artists)"summmer art in Partille Castle",Partille,Sweden.

2009 Art exhibition with KFA in  Gothenburgs Town librarys art hall, Gothenburg,Sweden.

2009 Handigraft exhibition in  Nääs, Lerum, Sweden.

2009 Art exhibition Svensk Finsk Form, , Borås museum,Borås,Sweden.

2009 Metal art exhibition " Metallkonst" Repslagarmuseet i Älvängen, Ale ,Sweden.

2009 Art exhibition with KFA in House of culture,Kungsbacka,Sweden.

2009 Art exhibition In Idéum,Gårdsten ,Angered,Sweden.

2010 Art exhibition with KFA in Partille Art hall,Partille,Sweden.

2010 "Gate" Exhibition ,Borås museum,Borås, Sweden.

2010 29. "Hefaistos" exhibition/meeting.Helfstyn,Tjcek Republik.

2010 Received the price of Art/cultur in Ale,Sweden.

2010 Exhibition in Nödinge House of culture.Ale,Sweden.

2011 Art & Handigraft Exhibition (with other artists)"Handigraft week in Partille Castle",Partille,Sweden.

2011 Handigraft exhibition in  Nääs, Lerum, Sweden.

2011 Metal art exhibition,Bromölla art society , Ifö-Factory museum.Bromölla,Sweden.

2011 Summer exhibition with  KFA ,Packhuskajen ,,Göteborg,Sweden.

2011 Blacksmith marathon,Smedjebacken.Sweden.=> 

2011 Exhibition,Galleri Sigvardson,Rödby,Denmark.

2011 30. "Hefaistos" exhibition/meeting.Helfstyn,Tjcek Republik.

2011 Recevied Artist Blacksmit  Mastership diploma ,certificate.Sweden 

2012 International Years book, Metal design 2012 ,my work with 24 pages photos & text . 

2012 Exhibition metal art,Motala Art society,Dubergska gården ,motala,Sweden.

2012 Art Exhibition with KFA Surte glassfactory museum,Ale,Sweden.

2012 Handigraft exhibition  in Nääs,Sweden.

2012 Exhibition"Handigraft 100 year" in Liljevalch Art hall Stockholm,Sweden.

2012 exhibition  in Säby gård ,Tjörn,Sweden.

2012" Now,& before"  exhibition with Ale Slöjdare,(Ropemakers museum),Repslagarmuseet i Älvängen,Ale,Sweden.

2013 Art Exhibition with KFA,Gallery Svea,Stocholm,Sweden.

2013 Art & handicraft Exhibition ,Handkraft,Trollhättan ,Sweden

2013 "Most in metal" Art exhibition,Surte  glassfactory museum,Surte,Ale,Sweden
2014 Art Exhipition in Partille Art society
,Partille castle,Partille,Sweden.

2014  My 10  years  Artsmith exhibition,Rope Museum,Ale, Sweden.
2014  Art exhipition  with KFA  Art hall in  Gotenburg state library.Gothenburg,Sweden.


Martti Risku born 1962 in Tornio , Northern Finland.
borned in  a family of two brothers. A father ,who was a carpenter and craftsman,
and a mother who was a tailor.
Early developed an interest for art-painting and taking photo`s.
Moved to Sweden ,Borås 1980.painting as hobby:Aquarell,acryl,oil and made sculptures. Moved to Gothenburg 1986.

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